Tuesday, January 3, 2012

- Happy New Year Everyone!

2012 and a lot of exciting projects underway!

Within the next couple months there will be a lot of pairings: Ball pythons, Amazon tree boas, New Guinea tree boas, Solomon Island tree boas, Haitian boas, and Banded Cat-eyed snakes! I may be breeding my Sibon, and finding mates for the Jungle Carpet python, the Diamond-Coastal intergrade, the Sonoran Desert Boa, and the Solomon Islands ground boa.

My Bimini Island boas will be good to go in a couple years, I'll be paying off and receiving a pair of Mussuranas from John Michels (a normal male and pied female), and will be looking to expand my collection with Jamaican boas, Annulated tree boas, Viper boas, and/or Bromeliad boas! A very exciting year ahead indeed!

As always, if you're interested in any pairing e-mail me to get on a list for them!

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