2012 Breeding Pairings

See Current Collection for name references

Amazon Tree Boas
Lucy x Chromia (possible hypo x possible hypo)
Tint x Anna Mollie (possible leopard x possible leopard)
Tint x Fury (possible leopard x normal)
Saturn breeding loan (being sent out to breed with a Tiger morph)

Ball Pythons
Dusk x Shadow (Black Pastel het Hypo x Black Pastel)
Dusk x Spectress (Black Pastel het Hypo x Het Hypo)
Dusk breeding loan (a mojave female being sent here)
Tide x Blizzard (Het Albino/Pied x Het Albino/Axanthic)
Tide x Snap (Het Albino/Pied x Het Pied)
Pastel x Pastel (my brother's pairing)

Banded Cat-eyed Snakes
Mars x Mohogany

Titan x Flor (C. b. australis)
Solare x Artemis (C. b. australis)
Swing x Cinder (C. carinata)

Haitian Boas
Lancelot x Guinevere (already gravid)

Snail-eating Snakes
Twist x Flick

Sonoran Desert Boas
Apollo x Medusa (possible hypo x possible hypo)