Tear & Care

Last update: 1/20/12

My versions of abbreviated care sheets. These all contain proper husbandry information, life spans, and some interesting side notes (morphs, random facts, breeding).

I will continue to add new care sheets as I update the site - so check back often! All information comes from either personal experience keeping the species myself or is well researched - so it can be trusted to follow and help with your keeping needs!

They're listed in alphabetical order (scientific names) to make it easier to find a specific sheet. Once more are added, I'll break them into categories - snakes, frogs, lizards, etc. You can download PDFs below.

**I have done my research and used that, along with my personal keeping experiences to form these care sheets. All responsible keepers should always do their own research on top of what they find here - there are always exceptions to the averages, so it's best to know all the possibilities.**


- Candoia species (Solomon Island Tree Boas, Solomon Island Ground Boas, Viper Boas, & New Guinea Boas) T&C: Download Individual species care sheets will be added shortly - this care sheet is an overview of the genus
- Corallus hortulanus (Amazon Tree Boa) T&C: Download
- Leptodiera annulata (Banded Cat-eyed Snake) T&C: Download
- Python regius (Ball/Royal Python) T&C: Download
- Varanus salvator (Water Monitor) T&C: Download