Reptiles For Sale

2012 Babies will be on their way! Get on a waiting list now!

- Colored and Garden Amazon tree boas (maybe some morph surprises too!)
- Haitian Boas (expected any week now April, 2012)
- Banded Cat-eyed Snakes
- Solomon Island Tree Boas
- New Guinea Tree Boas
- Solomon Island Ground Boas
- Sonoran Desert Boas (expected any week now April, 2012)
- Ball Pythons:
Albino 50% het Pied 50% het VPI Axanthic          Pied 50% het Albino       Black Pastels 50% het Hypo
Hypo Black Pastel                                              Black Pastel                  Super Pastel            
Super Black Pastel 50% het Hypo                       Black Pastel Mojave 50% het Hypo
A bunch of normals, possible hets

By this time I should also have Mussuranas (Pied and normal), Bimini Island Boas, Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Bornean Short-tailed Pythons, & Snail-eating Snakes breeding and birthing.